Bill Commerford

Unlike many forms of bodywork therapies where the practitioner treats a passive client, I work interactively, inviting clients to explore feeling and sensation, or express in sound, movement or gesture what emerges for them. I assist clients to become aware of parts of themselves that may feel stuck, or less connected.

Through discussion, two-way feedback and listening to what the client might want, I facilitate a collaborative approach to explore what may best assist each client individually. In this way, Movement Shiatsu and Inner Qigong are especially suitable for clients who may wish to work on alternatives to long term patterns and chronic issues.

I have over twenty years experience as a therapist and counsellor in sexual and mental health projects, substance / alcohol dependency programmes and NHS projects.

I teach shiatsu in various schools: Ki Kai Shiatsu School in Islington, London; the School for Experiential Education (SEED) in Frome, Somerset and the British School of Shiatsu-Do (BSS-Do) in London, Colchester and Ljubljana.

I teach Inner Qigong and run groups and workshops in London, the Threshold Centre in Gillingham Dorset. I also provide on-site treatment to staff in London based companies and at many festivals.

Zoom Spring 2021 Workshops

Movement Shiatsu Experiential Approaches to Guided Self-Treatments Via Zoom 

  1. Necks: Saturday 6th March  2021 Midday (12:00 p.m. - 2:00p.m.) London UK
  2. Backs: Saturday 20th March 2021 Midday (12:00 p.m. - 2:00p.m.) London UK
  3. Balls, Bands, Floors & Walls: Saturday 24th April 2021 Midday (12:00 p.m. - 2:00p.m.) London UK

These sessions provide opportunity to bridge some of the gaps between what we do when participating in on-line classes or when leading and sharing our skills with others as therapists, in ways that are accessible to different learning styles, so that we can empower clients and / or those attending our classes enabling their active involvement in these exercises or in their treatment and healing process. Modelling exercises (virtually) alongside clients can introduce aspects of negotiating, guiding, 2-way feedback and treatments that are still interactive. You may find it useful to have a yoga mat, a futon or one blanket to lie on, a second blanket to cover you and 2 or 3 cushions.

On-Line Inner Qigong Classes Via Zoom Wednesday & Saturday  9-9:45 a.m. for more information contact Bill: or +44 (0)7876 43 29 39

The Following Events Will Only Run Once Covid-19 Restrictions Are Lifted:

On-Site Shiatsu & Qigong at 2021 Festivals Will Only Run Once Covid-19 Restrictions Are Lifted, or Have already Been Cancelled as Indicated Below:

  • Blue Lagoon Pembrokeshire, Wales                       28th -30th May TBC
  • Wychwood Cheltenham Racecourse                      4th -6th June TBC
  • Glastonbury Pilton, Somerset                               23rd - 27th June Cancelled                             
  • Love Supreme Lewes, East Sussex                          2nd - 4th July TBC
  • Cornbury Park Oxfordshire,                            9th -11th July TBC
  • Latitude Southwold, Suffolk                                22nd – 25th July TBC
  • Kendal Calling Penrith, Cumbria,                            29th July – 1st August TBC
  • Wilderness Cornbury Pk, Oxfordshire                    5th – 8th August TBC
  • Settlement & Green Man Brecon Beacons, Wales    16th – 22nd August TBC
  • Into the Wild  Chiddinglye, Sussex                    26th – 30th August TBC
  • The Long Road  Stanford Hall Leicestershire,          10th – 12th September TBC

     To book an appointment at these festivals contact
     Bill on +44 (0)7876 43 29 39

Check my Events Page for further details