• What happens in a Shiatsu Treatment?
    Clients remain clothed, loose fitting clothing is recommended in order to facilitate unrestricted movement. Treatments usually take place on a futon on the floor, but can be conducted on a massage table, massage chair, or physio-ball. Before treatment I discuss with clients what is most suited to their particular needs, comfort and level of mobility.
    I encourage clients’ active involvement in their health and wellbeing and we explore appropriate exercises within the Shiatsu treatment that clients might integrate easily into their lives.

  • What happens in a Shiatsu Treatment - Is it Confidential?
    All records, data and client related information is confidential and kept safely in accordance with current General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR).

  • How long is a treatment / course of treatments?
    Regular treatments are usually of 45-50-minutes duration but are customised to clients’ specific needs. So although each session is self-contained, it may also be part of a short or longer course of treatments, in order to address particular, or on-going health and fitness issues, which I review with the client at the start of each session.

    Short Treatments of 15 to 20-minutes duration are often suitable for concentrated work on a specific area and might be appropriate in a limited number of treatments over a shorter period of 2-3 days – this might be appropriate at the onset of a stiff neck, frozen shoulder or other areas of the body experiencing tension including the lower back and calves and can be helpful with conditions including sciatica.