• Ceri: "Bill has a very special talent and I feel blessed to have found him. I have complete confidence in his abilities and would highly recommend him as a Shiatsu therapist."
  • Jane: “I went to Bill’s classes as part of my recovery programme from a stroke. They were really good in helping me to feel the symmetry of my body again, and Bill was always ready to adapt exercises to suit my level of energy”
  • Kate: Shiatsu with Bill is like a will o' the wisp drawing out my dream space, wrapping it around me and letting it gently seep into my muscles and bones and heart and soul.
  • Mick: “Makes yer laugh and gets yer movin.”
  • Rozzi: “Qigong may sound strange but it’s very soothing, its not strenuous but is very energising, it makes you feel more yourself. Shiatsu sessions with Bill are so worth it! I have so enjoyed them, and benefited hugely this year, they come highly recommended.”
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